F9 True Wireless Headset


Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint touch | Intelligent noise reduction, HIFI sound quality | Digital electronic display | No delay carton playable games+Customer service | Painless wear and portable charger

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  • New touch-control earbuds with ergonomically designed textured metal cabin including smoothly functioning UV piano paint hatch cover. Enhanced light touch-control, provides convenient operation of intelligent induction chip to prevent unintended earbud activation.
  • With the new CVC8.0 intelligent noise reduction technology, devote yourself to music even in noisy environments. The music flows effortlessly into your ears. With both ears, F9 brings a highly restored real voice call, replicating the of clarity of face-to-face conversations.
  • User friendly design with newly added power display screen. Cabin and earphone power charging levels can be seen clearly.
  • With HM51’s approach to “0” delay technology, say goodbye to the restraint of wired headphones, while sound quality is not affected. 
  • All day use for comfortable wearing. Oblique light-weight design means no pressure, for long-term use as you continue daily activities in comfort. Moreover, the large capacity charging cabin charges the headphones, but also tops up your mobile phone avoiding the embarrassment of power failure.



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